It's all in how the mind works

We provide our clients with an essential education into human mental functioning. They develop a practical, working awareness of how thinking works, how insight works, how our reality is created, felt and experienced within, moment-by-moment from the inside-->out. 

It’s an education that is fundamental to every human experience. 

In business, people that understand how the mind works, work very differently. They are able to:

  1. Create breakthrough business results as commonplace

  2. Play their part in thriving, effortlessly high functioning teams

  3. Enjoy a low stress, deeply fulfilling & productive life


We invite you to consider this,
right now

Why wait? What we point to in our programs, intensives and coaching sessions is occurring within you, right now, and can be recognised to a greater or lesser extent in this moment. 

What follows below is not the next management fad, tip, trick, strategy, 5-steps, 7-habits or self-help technique. We are pointing to a deeper truth about the human experience. A truth of the ages, albeit in modern language. When realised, it has tremendous implications for you in business and beyond. 


The Mind

It’s no surprise that when we understand how something works, it enables us to work with it in the easiest way. 

This is true for anything in life, including of understanding how the mind works. 

As we have come to see it, in large part humanity misunderstands how the mind works. This widespread misunderstanding has implications. It leads to much of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness often seen in business, as well as a great deal of stress and personal unhappiness in life. 

When the misunderstanding is cleared up, business, leadership and life itself can become considerably simpler, more fulfilling, more effective and wide open to possibility.

The challenge for us all is that we live inside a mind, and it's really brilliant at what is does, but we weren’t given the operating manual. It's not usually taught to us in school, and most of us don't hear it from parents, friends, family, colleagues or employers. 

In our experience, invariably anyone that realises how it works wishes they'd known sooner.



How it works

Whether we believe it or not, there is an incredible wisdom and logic built-in to the way the mind works. We like to describe this wisdom and logic as two invisible but profound facts of nature. These facts are simple, unchanging, reliable and true for all of us regardless of background, age, gender, role, religion, education, social status or any other appearance, label or circumstance.

The two facts are:

  1. The Mind works only one-way (inside → out via thinking)

  2. The Mind has a built-in design for success (for example, whether you realise it or not, it is always working on your behalf to deliver useful insight that is relevant and appropriate to the moment)

The more clearly and deeply we realise these two facts for ourselves, the greater our capacity for grace, freedom, fulfilment, insight, productivity, success...regardless of circumstances


Said another way...

To say this another way, in any moment you (and us, and everyone else) are operating in one of three modes (whether you are consciously aware of it or not): 

  1. It looks like your experience and feeling is coming from ‘out there’ (e.g. events, situations, other people, the past, the future - something other than thinking), or

  2. It looks how it is - that you’re experiencing and feeling thinking (i.e. the creative power of your own mind), or

  3. It looks like a bit of both.

Most people live and work in the latter 'mixed' mode, most of the time.  

But, whether you realise it or not, only the second mode is true. By design, you can only feel and experience your thinking, and nothing else, 100% of the time.

There is no wiggle room. The mind works only one way. This is your First Nature. Ours too. 

'Invisible Power, Insight Principles At Work' , Ken Manning, Robin Charbit & Sandra Krot, 2015

'Invisible Power, Insight Principles At Work', Ken Manning, Robin Charbit & Sandra Krot, 2015


First Nature Works

The more you notice that what you're experiencing and feeling in this moment is the flow of Thought passing through you, and nothing else...the more your mind is free to settle down, in any moment, regardless of what you're up to.

With that settling comes a greater capacity to notice more of the intelligent functions that the mind is always running on your behalf. For example, you may notice more of your (and everyone's) innate capacity for insight, deep listening, connecting with others and for solving difficult problems without mental struggle. Along with being in balance and at your best more often, and, being that bit more graceful in those times when you're not. 

Whether you realise it or not, ALL of your experiences, feeling states, and realities derive from a creative process happening inside your own mind.
— Manning, Charbit & Krot


The human experience

Every human being shifts back and forth between attributing their feeling and experience to the outside (circumstances), and back to the inside again (to the creative force of the mind). As this shifts, we experience the ebb and flow of feeling that follows.  

This is the human experience. 

We all have the capacity to realise that this is how it works. We can realise and remember it in any moment. This is one example of the mind’s own built-in design for success.


This is all we do!

In all of our work, in all formats, our sole purpose is to have our clients realise and remember where their experience is coming from (the inside, via thinking!), the intelligence in the design, and the immense implications of these facts in life. 

Simply, we all have what we need to thrive in business. We simply help it to be noticed. The rest follows.

In our combined experience, after years of searching and practicing an endless array of techniques, models and approaches to unlocking human capacity, we have come to see that there's no simpler or more powerful place to look.

We can all benefit tremendously from being reminded of our first nature.